©Markus Bruckner
©Markus Bruckner

Time and time again, Pierluigi Billone has engaged with the voice in the past. What he intended in these earlier works can be almost unchangedly carried forward into the present. The work is conceived as 'a research journey and path,' 'Each station on the path is a circle: a unique moment, ritually opened and closed, which 'digs' a space inside the voice and singing.' With the 'ritual function,' an essential characteristic of Billone's music is addressed. Many of his works, as their performance duration increases, escape purely analytical listening. One does not have to go so far as to speak of a 'cultic space,' but the intensity of the musical events and the uninterrupted flow of energy create a trance-like element that clearly carries ritual traits. This has already been mentioned in connection with Billone's first vocal work: 'Then the voice enters another dimension,' writes the composer, adding: 'losing its identity.'

Ensemble PHACE
Anna Clare Hauf, voice
Karera Fujita, voice
Lars Mlekusch, conductor

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