salon emmer - Feminist Pathways
salon emmer - Feminist Pathways © salon emmer
Michael Turinsky - Precarious Moves
Michael Turinsky - Precarious Moves © M. Loizenbauer
Die Rabtaldirndln - 20*R+A+B+T+A+L*23
Die Rabtaldirndln - 20*R+A+B+T+A+L*23 © Bernhard Müller
Nayana Keshava Bhat
Nayana Keshava Bhat © Janna Ramos Violante


As part of apap-Feminist Futures, each partner organisation designs a series of initiatives, called ventures, that offer local groups and communities expanded access to the performing arts. These projects enable artists to place their interests and practice in different contexts, engage with different audiences and collaborate with specific local organisations. SZENE Salzburg has conceived a total of four projects for its Ventures programme:

salon emmer – PH Salzburg (University of Teacher Education Salzburg)“Feminist Pathways“

In October 2022 a student group of PH Salzburg (together with their Prof.Viktoria Buttler in the frame of their seminar “performance and intervention”) went on an excursion to Vienna to meet performers Tanja Dinter and eLISAbeth Lengheimer, aka salon emmer.
We joined their public performance format “Feminist Pathways” (performed by Tanja and Lisa together with a group of women they developed this format with). It took place in the heart of the city, bringing us to various locations and their female histories.
This initital meeting was followed by 5 workshops in Salzburg, in which the students and salon emmer engaged with female histories specific to Salzburg and the Lehen district.
These workshops concluded in a public performative walk in January 2023 at Stadtwerk Lehen.

Michael Turinsky – PH Salzburg (University of Teacher Education Salzburg)

On 6 and 7 October 2023, the first meeting between the choreographer, performer and theorist Michael Turinsky and students of PH Salzburg took place in Vienna. Students specialising in "Aesthetic Learning" worked with Michael Turinsky in a two-day workshop on the topics of inclusive choreography/crip choreography, physical equality and encounters at eye level.
Continuation of the workshop series on two dates in Nov & Dec 2023 with focus on performance and intervention.
17th Jan 2024: performance “Precarious Moves” by Michael Turinsky in ARGEkultur (opened to all audiences) and lecture by Michael Turinsky at the department for dance science, University Salzburg, open to all PH students and Blue Group (students with mental, physical & learning disabilities) and other audiences.

Die Rabtadirndln - Orff Institute (Departement for music and dance pedagogy, Salzburg Mozarteum University)

In preparation to this 3-day venture students work on compositions/songs for the next production of the Rabtaldirndln, in which they work around ideas of “marriage”; their performance "Sternsingerinnen" forms the kick off event on the first day, followed by an artist talk and a 2-day workshop, in which the RTD conduct open rehearsals for the students to join
and receive little working assignments. These moments are partnered with sessions in which RTD join a rhythm and a dance class and receive musical and dance material from the students to work on it together.

Nayana Bhat - Girls´ ́group Verein Spektrum

The spektrum association, a youth centre in Salzburg, organises a weekly girls' meeting (approx.15-20 girls, age 12-18 years) in Lehen. Salzburg-based choreographer & performer Nayana Bhat will accompany the group for several months (Nov ´23 until April ´24), sharing her artistic practice with them. A first meeting just took place and it strongly suggests itself to shape this venture by the ideas and needs of these young women, ranging from dancing and cooking together to creative use of social media, ways of storytelling, etc. It´s intentionally left open if this venture concludes in a public/shared moment or stays within this community. Also planned are joint performance visits of SZENE Salzburg ́s YOUNG VIBES programme for young audiences and Sommerszene festival.