Welcome to Feminist Futures Festival´s press area. Here you will find current texts and photos for the events and projects in the frame of the festival. Use of this material for reporting purposes is free of charge. Please note that fees for the use of these images will only be waived when relating to SZENE Salzburg and crediting the copyright holder as detailed in the files´ names.

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Feminist Futures Festival
Pressemappe(1.66 MB) Download
Milla Koistinen

Magenta Haze

© © Ilkka Saastamoinen(488.53 KB) Download
© © Ilkka Saastamoinen(1.53 MB) Download
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Muna Mussie

Curva Cieca

© Claudia Pajewski(266.14 KB) Download
© Claudia Pajewski(339.60 KB) Download
Ana Dubljević, Kasia Kania, Marja Christians


© Dana Maxim(1.91 MB) Download
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Anne Lise Le Gac

La Caresse du Coma ft. YOLO

© Margaux Vendass(2.31 MB) Download
© Margaux Vendass(923.24 KB) Download
Jule Flierl


© Caroline Böttcher(4.57 MB) Download
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Sergiu Matis

Extinction Room (Hopeless.)

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Harun Morrison

Seeking the Simmonian

© James Allan(3.02 MB) Download
Claudia Heu/Axel Brom


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T-shirt conversations

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