theaternyx* (AUT)

über.morgen SALZBURG

  • SZENE Salzburg
©Bernhard Müller
©Bernhard Müller

In this urban game by theaternyx* the audience strolls through one of Salzburg’s possible futures. Guided through headphones by a narrator’s voice, visitors hear and see the city as they have never known it before: this is Salzburg in 2050. Collective walks open up scope for change in the thirty years to come. What would a life that is sustainable and fair look like? How do we want to live together?

While the group passes through a utopian Salzburg, it immerses itself in the soundtrack of the future city and encounters the voices of people from 2050 looking back on the changes in the last thirty years.  These »witnesses from the future« touch on themes of local relevance: the post-work society, its social and ecological security, an unconditional basic income, the city mobility network of the future, possibilities of local democratic participation and more.

80 min, in German

Konzept & Inszenierung: Claudia Seigmann
Text: Claudia Seigmann und Markus Zett
Sounddesign: Abby Lee Tee
Sound Engineering: Christian GC Ghahremanian
Produktionsleitung: Johanna Seelbach
Produktionsassistenz: Astrid Dober
Mit den Stimmen von: Thomas Frank, Marion Hackl, Katharina Haudum, Christian Higer, Alev Irmak, Michael Menzel, Caroline Richards, Agnieszka Salomon, Sarah Scherer, Claudia Seigmann, Jutta Schwarz, Martina Spitzer, Petra Strasser, Katharina Wawrik
Eine Produktion von: theaternyx* und SZENE Salzburg