Sommerszene 2023

Navaridas & Deutinger (AUT)

Emancipation of Wonder

  • SZENE Salzburg
@Bernhard Müller
@Bernhard Müller

The Graz­-based artist duo Marta Navaridas and Alexander Deutinger presents Emancipation of Wonder, a special guided tour of the Salzburg Mu­seum, as part of Sommerszene. This tour through the exhibitions Mythos Salzburg and Salzburg einzigartig – Geschichte(n) aus Stadt und Land is based on com­ments and observations about the exhibited art works by schoolchildren aged between 8 and 10. In a series of preparatory workshops, the artists are blindfolded and guided through the museum by the children, who are asked to explain each art work in their own words. Their descriptions and interpretations are recorded and transcribed. Based on this material, Navaridas & Deutinger devise a guided tour for adults that provides its audience with a humorous and mercilessly honest perspective on art in museums. The art works are approached without adult preconceptions and with chil­dren’s unique poetic way of seeing. 

Marta Navaridas and Alexander Deutinger both share a professional background in translation studies as well as dance and choreography. They have devised text­based performance works together since 2006. In their projects they are interested in performative meth­ods of manipulating text and movement, and playfully challenge social forms and habitual perceptions. This pair of international touring artists uses dance, theatre and performance venues but also galleries, museums and the outdoors as spaces for performance and ne­gotiation.

In German language.

A coproduction of SZENE Salzburg and Performanceinitiative 22. 
With special thanks to Salzburg Museum.

Concept, direction & choreography: Marta Navaridas, Alex Deutinger
Performance & text montage: Alex Deutinger
Text & movement material: 3b class of Volksschule Liefering 1, 3a class of Montessori Volksschule Nonntal, 3rd class of Volksschule Werfen
Production management: mollusca productions
A coproduction of SZENE Salzburg and Performanceinitiative 22 and in cooperation with Salzburg Museum.
Special thanks to all the children involved in the creation of these tours.

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