Sommerszene 2023

Irena Z. Tomažin | Jule Flierl

U.F.O. – Hommage to Katalin Ladik

  • SZENE Salzburg
Anja Weber
Anja Weber

The Hungarian­-Serbian poet and performer Katalin Ladik is considered the “Yoko Ono of the Bal­kans” and a pioneer of noise and performance art in Southeastern Europe: With the “SoundBodyPoetry” of her radical body art performance UFO Party from 1969, she shook the artistic scene at the time and established methods of experimental voice work and physical per­formance already in the 1970s. In their first collabo­ration, German tone dancer Jule Flierl and Slovenian choreo­vocalist Irena Z. Tomažin celebrate their shared interest in Ladik’s artistic position: a homage that blurs the boundaries between poetry, physical performance and experimental voice work, while continuing the two artists’ own research into the physical experience of language and the articulation of different layers of the voice.
Irena Z. Tomažin is a dancer, experimental singer and philosopher working in the fields of experimen­tal dance and music. She has released three albums: Crying Games, Taste of Silence and Lump in the throat. Her artistic work is a constant exploration of the non-linguistic voice as a medium in physical per­formances.
Jule Flierl works with choreography and somatic vocal techniques to shake up the relationship between see­ing and hearing: What you see is not always what you hear, and what you hear is not always what you see. She revives the legacy of Valeska Gert, an avant­garde dancer from 1920s Berlin who was the first to conceive the genre of TonTanz: dancing with the voice.

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With the support of apap – Feminist Futures 2020–2024, cofinanced by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Concept, Choreography, Performance: Irena Z. Tomažin, Jule Flierl
Lighting: Gretchen Blegen / Leon Curk
Sound: Nicola Ratti / Emil Cottino Costumes: Jean¬Paul Lespagnard Historical advice, Dramaturgy: Kata Kasznahorkai
Assistance: Sharón Nogales Mercado
A production of Alexandra Wellensiek, Zavod Sploh / Spela Trošt, HKF Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, Zavod Sploh Ljubljana, CharleroiDanse Brussels, Pact¬Zollverein Essen, Sophiensæle Berlin, City of Women Festival Ljubljana.

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