under construction: "mouth"

Sat, Dec 15th, 6 pm: Research Presentation

The mouth connects our insides and out­ sides. As a liminal site it also calls into question the very notions of interior and exterior, their separation and stability as distinct or oppositional categories. under construction travel into, out of, and around the oral to see how this space may support or collapse a duality of me and world.

under construction are a Salzburg based collective working at the intersection of performance practice
and artistic research with questions of materiality and architecture, both constructed and naturally occuring. They seek to make instinctive and experiential connections between anatomical structures and built environments, utilising resolutely non­specialist heuristics.

Recherche: Nic Lloyd, Beate Kaulitz, Mirjam Klebel, Julia Schwarzbach

Sat, Dec 15th, 18:00
SZENE Salzburg Studio
Anton-Neumayr­-Platz 2, 3rd floor

Free entry