Closing Party

by DJ Martin

  • SZENE Salzburg

Once again this year after 13 packed festival days Sommerszene will conclude with an awesome party. Following the performance of All Together in the theatre space and one (or two) rounds of Mystery Box Bingo, all music and dance aficionados will be invited onto the dance floor in the foyer. Cool sounds will be provided by DJ Martin, who has swapped the mountains of Scandinavia for the urban worldliness of Vienna and now shakes Salzburg to the core. Guests at Sommerszene’s open-ended ending will be treated to an eccentric mix of pop, new wave, 1980s classics, waltzes from The Blue Danube and après ski songs. The man from the far north will keep his promise: “I don’t really DJ in the traditional sense. I pick music and my performance is the thing.” Sounds good!