Feminist Futures Festival

Harun Morrison (GBR)

Seeking the Simmonian, ongoing until 2. December

  • SZENE Salzburg
©James Allen
©James Allen

Artist and writer Harun Morrison will develop a text, Seeking the Simmonian, using the context of the Feminist Futures Festivals in Berlin, Warsaw and Salzburg. The term ‘Simmonian’ named after Nina Simone, but also other Simones, including but not limited to Simone Biles and Simone Weil, takes as an evolving, working definition ‘the evocation and call for liberation, while simultaneously articulating being trapped, constrained or cornered’. It’s not a call for freedom in the abstract, but in situated contexts and moments. The search for the Simmonian begins with the songs of Nina Simone, thinking about a song as a space not only a duration, and extends to other temporal-freedoms including parties and festivals.

Over the course of the festival artist and writer Harun Morrison will continue research for Seeking the Simmonian through informal conversations with artists and festival visitors.

is an artist and writer whose work often employs collaborative processes. His practice spans spatial design, text, video and sound. His ongoing interest in the shifting potentials of civic space is informed by being a boater; which in turn prompts questions about land ownership in relation to itinerancy, and the degree to which living on water affects one’s relationship with the environment and state infrastructure (notably sewage, administrative systems and the gas and electric company the National Grid).

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