Dance and performance for a young audience

In April 2019 SZENE Salzburg launched a new series of events: YOUNG VIBES. This focuses on choreography, dance and movement in all its facets and manifold forms of expression, offering a way of engaging with this art from that is easily accessible, enjoyable and intelligent.  Its concept is based on producing and presenting stage pieces whose thematic content as well as formal language and aesthetics are aimed at a young audience. Alongside newly-created works by professional dancers there will also be some that are created with the young people participating. What YOUNG VIBES has to offer goes far beyond simply watching – with specially conceived workshops, rehearsal visits and talks with artists it also includes space for young people’s own creativity. There are plenty of opportunities to delve deeper into the pieces and what they are about and to learn more about the forms they take in relation to aesthetic education and artistic production. This supplementary programme allows YOUNG VIBES to link experience and thinking in an intelligent way.

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