Sommerszene is back

Dear audience!

Sommerszene is celebrating its comeback. After an enforced two-year break, we are finally able to welcome you once again inside the theatre and in public spaces where we will present a lot of contemporary art. This year’s edition of the festival will catch up with some projects from last year, and make you fellow actors, inviting you to stroll, listen, watch, reflect and discuss. And – we promise – in our accustomed analogue format.

We can now tell you that a diverse and lively programme awaits you from the disciplines of dance, theatre, performance and installations: you will be able to experience a total of 15 projects over 18 days and in eleven different locations. The incisive changes that have been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and that will continue to be felt for the foreseeable future have not only influenced the thematic and aesthetic concepts of individual productions, they have also played a role in our thoughts in devising the 2021 festival. So it seemed appropriate to place a greater emphasis on using public spaces as venues or to offer temporally adjusted formats in the form of installations. And more than in previous years the festival highlights the work of Austrian artists.  As a result, Sommerszene 2021 will once again focus on contemporary dance and performance but it will also deliberately introduce some new ideas. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the limits of always wanting to go higher-faster-further, however, it has also taught us a new flexibility and changed how we deal with certainty. The same also goes for Sommerszene, for which we are currently working on an extra bonus track to add to the programme.  

Be our guests and join us in celebrating Sommerszene’s comeback!