to Sommerszene. Welcome to this year’s festival, which turns Salzburg into one big stage for sixteen days, from 9 to 24 June, and impressively presents the variety of the performing arts. Seventeen projects from Brazil, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Germany and Austria ask questions about political power relations and ecological powerlessness, the complex relationship between architecture and nature, and changes in our social interactions since the pandemic. They graphically present the physical attraction of a couple, collective anger at social grievances and authoritarian regimes, and the almost forgotten events at the Maxglan forced labour camp during the Nazi period. They invite us to take part in an unlikely survival scenario on a fictional planet, a dancing journey to the moon, and a musical trip into our own pop-cultural past. They take us along on a walk by the water or in the park and scrutinise the myth of the nymph Echo. They get us swinging with lively music and spontaneous movement, and thinking and chuckling with absurd, touching and humorous stories about what our future might be like.

Welcome to Sommerszene. Welcome to this year’s festival, which invites you to experience contemporary art in a range of settings at ten different locations. In the theatre and in a meadow, in a museum courtyard and inside the gallery, in a supermarket and in the unique atmosphere of the Felsenreitschule, the artists await you with their versions of the world we live in. They will present thrilling dance and virtuoso choreography, political theatre and humorous performances, immersive map games and participatory workshops, ingenious audio walks and installation landscapes, lively improvisations and sounds we can’t stop hearing. But above all they represent a powerful indication of how important art is, particularly in its analogue form and in challenging times.

The festival team welcomes you to Sommerszene.