les slovaks dance collective – journey home

wednesday 13.7., 9:30 pm, domplatz

les slovaks invite you to follow them on a rapid, enjoyable trip from their home in belgium to the banka bystrica. as children, each member of the all-male group performed at one time or another on the famous stage in slovakia. later, they all studied at anne teresa de keersmaeker’s dance institute p.a.r.t.s in brussels. they met in the epicenter of the european dance world, and quickly became friends and realized their common desire to reconnect with their cultural roots. the dancers, refreshingly unabashed, turn folklore into a theme that fits in contemporary dance. journey home is made up of dazzling miniatures which tell very personal stories, yet act as metaphors for confident pride in one’s one cultural and traditions. in the imposing open stage of salzburg’s domplatz, they turn their improvised charades into polyphonic choreography. acting both as soloists or as a dynamic ensemble, they meld slovakian folk dance into the vocabulary of contemporary pieces, trading off between moments of burlesque earthiness and sequences of buoyant esprit. even the music, with live instruments playing over a chamber orchestra recording, covers the entire spectrum of moods between slavic gravity and slavic love of life. one thing is certain: their dance is formidably enjoyable.

rain check 14.7, 9:30 pm, domplatz, for up-to-date information call +43662843448 or check www.sommerszene.net


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